Do your employers forget your work there and require you to wear a badge?
Add style to your badge reel! These ID badge holders are perfect for anyone who wears a badge and would be a perfect gift for teachers, doctors, nurses, and more!

*Currently only one of each color flower available.

This badge holder is embellished with a 30mm resin rose. I'm not sure which, since I'm not a horticulturalist. It's sturdy and cute and maybe with it, your boss will remember who you are!

Rose Badge Reel

Flower Color
Badge Clip Color
  • Each badge holder has a swivel clip that rotates 360 degrees to ensure that your badge will remain secure and upright. Retractable reel extends approximately 34 inches (longer than most) and has a clear vinyl strap with metal snap to hold your badge.  Note that magnet may not be as secure with thicker fabrics such as thick jacket lapels, so if you wear a thick ski coat or whatever, order the clip kind. And if you get to ski at work, were jealous. Ain't none of that in Texas.


    We try to keep all offered colors on hand, however if a color is super popular and we run out, we will contact you to discuss whether you would like to wait and be like the popular kids, or be unique and order a different color.


    Not intended for use by children, since they shouldn't have jobs that require ID badges anyway.