Why only free Sugar Land area pick-up?


We love getting to see your joy when you get your product. (If you’re not joyful, just fake it.) - so we prefer to sell locally; especially to friends & friends-of-friends.  Once your order is placed, it will take a bit to make it. Let us know if you’re on a deadline.  After the item is completed, we will contact you regarding a Sugar Land area meet-up.  We may also be willing to meet up in Missouri City, Greatwood area, and Houston depending on if it’s convenient or not, or you’re willing to throw in a few extra bucks to make it convenient.  When we meet up, if you haven’t yet paid, you will need provide payment and we will provide your item!  

Can I get my order through a mutual friend?


Sure! If you are a friend-of-friend and want to coordinate the transaction through our mutual friend, great!  Please pay them ahead of time, so they have the money for us. Make sure to include their name in the order or contact us after the fact to let us know.



To be honest, we are not a fan of shipping items… So no promises on how long it will take or how much extra it will cost you!

Can you apply my monogram for me?


YES!  If we meet locally, in person, we will happily apply it for you (if weather and timing allows).  If you purchase an item from our shop, such as an RTIC, in addition to your monogram, and note that you want the RTIC monogrammed, we will happily do so for you, prior to our pick-up time.


Can I get a proof of my personalized design?


Sure!  If you do not respond in a timely manner, it will slow down the timeline for getting it to you.  Make sure you give us an e-mail address you actually use (not that “junk” e-mail account that you never check…).  (See the last question!) If there’s something you don’t like about the proof, be sure to let us know. Once you approve the proof, the deal is done!

​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


We like cash cuz then the credit card companies don’t take a bunch of money for letting us use their name on our website.  But since credit cards are convenient, we also accept them through PayPal.  Checks are okay, but we’ll need to see your local driver’s license when we deliver your goods.

Returns & Refunds


We’re making stuff especially for you, which means we can’t go selling it to anyone else. So if you order it, it’s yours, and we can’t do returns or refunds. Since we only get orders from understanding, nice people, we know you’ll understand!


Privacy Policy


Don’t worry, we are real people that get way too much junk mail.  No way we’ll share your info with strangers.