I’m Emmelyn (pronounced M-L-N... get it?!?!) and I'm addicted to monograms and personalized stuff.  My sweet husband puts up with me monogramming all my stuff, and his too!  He is the handy-man, sanding-man, vinyl-application helper, “I-need-this” go-fer, and IT-guy side of this operation!  


I’m a popular gift-giver because people LOVE things that show you know their personality. I can help you be THAT kind of gift giver. Gifts that I help personalize are the best because 1) They’re unique! They can be customized to the recipient’s preferences! 2)  They make the gift-getter feel special.  3) They’re pretty and awesome, and everybody loves awesome!


We prefer to sell local if at all possible. Smaller carbon footprint, less hassle, and frankly, I hate shipping things.  Has anyone else been to the post office lately?  Ugh.


I hope you enjoy your visit to MLN Creations!  Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you are interested in something customized further than offered in our shop!