Personalizing stuff makes a statement and keeps people from stealing your stuff!


If you're local, we can help you! We can provide you the decal with instructions, or we can schedule a meeting in Sugar Land, TX, and we will apply the decal for you!  (Please clean the area before purchase) 

Kayak Name with Shadow Decal

Name Color
Shadow Color
  • Made with permanent glossy vinyl, our decals work well for items that are washed or handled.  (But don’t feel obligated to wash or handle them frequently; we just want you to know you CAN!)


    And as a disclaimer, vinyl doesn’t work on EVERYTHING…. Rubbery and super textured stuff doesn’t work great. The decals can be removed from most things, but once removed, you can’t use them again. (Well, you can try, but good luck with that!)


    Order includes transfer tape and application if face-to-face Sugar Land area pick-up is chosen and it's not raining :-).


    We try to keep all offered colors on hand, however if a color is super popular and we run out, we will contact you to discuss whether you would like to wait and be like the popular kids, or be unique and order a different color.


    While we want our customers to be super happy, since we customize this stuff for you, we can't re-make it if you, say, decide to marry someone else, or change your name.

  • Over time, your decal may begin to peel.  It is rated to last outdoors for 5-7 years with minimal use and handling.  It will last longer if is not below the water line on the kayak.