Customize your decal or monogram EVEN MORE by adding patterned vinyl!


So here's whatcha do:

  1. Add this to your cart, choosing the color of Glitter vinyl you want. (If you're ordering multiple decals, you can note which one in the Custom Requests box!)
  2. Add the decal or monogram you want to your cart.  When you choose the color of the part you want glitterized, just pick something similar (so for a glitter pink elephant, just pick pink!) - that will help us figure out what you want prettyfied!


If you don't add this WITH a decal, you will need to place an additional order to add the price of the monogram/decal ($4-6).  K thanks.

ADD ON: Glitter Vinyl for Decal

Patterned Vinyl Style
  • This is an add on - you must purchase your decal in addition to this! This helps us fully customize stuff!


    Also, the colors are approximated - if you'd like to see a photo of the exact vinyl, please contact us!